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Theraphi Plasma Healing

The revolutionary Theraphi plasma system features two plasma tubes with opposing spin polarities that emulate the super-coherence of a healthy living energy field. Theraphi is the latest in plasma technology.

In disease cases of many types, there are reports of significant benefits. These are being replicated now by other medical professionals. Theraphi plasma beam healing doesn’t just reduce swelling, it is also known for increasing circulation and sensation in areas where these have been limited or lost.

With proven frequency emissions known and measured, Theraphi uses a high voltage version of a specially aligned plasma lamp pair to stimulate the whole body or focus on a specific area.

The Theraphi negentropy effect on the cells and tissues of the body, is the only true scientific definition we have of “Healing and Rejuvenation” and “Anti-Aging”. Precise frequencies of hydrogen and phi-ratio harmonics are modulated and pass through a unique mixture of noble gases.

Your Theraphi Experience

Theraphi is available in 10 minute sessions to individuals, and is not recommended for clients who have pacemakers or any large metal objects inside their bodies, and all jewellery must be removed.

Visitors can choose hot and cold beverages from our range of special teas and herbal infusions, and chilled natural mineral water refills are available from our water dispenser. Explore our traditional medicines, natural cleaning products, Chinese herbs, essential oils, vitamins & supplements in store.

Theraphi Healing Somers CT
Theraphi Tube Wellness Center Somers Connecticut
Theraphi Tube Somers CT
Theraphi Somers CT

Why choose Abundant Wellness?

Abundant Wellness offer exclusive private sessions and health products designed to work in harmony with your body and achieve the best results.

Try our Himalayan Salt Pod treatment, book in for some massage therapy or try our private Infrared Sauna for the full wellness experience and to help with a range of health issues. Contact our team for special offers, and for advice on any of our products or services.

Theraphi Plasma Healing Somers Connecticut

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