Himalayan Salt Pod

The salt therapy, or ‘halotherapy’ provided by our Himalayan Salt Pod sessions are a pain-free alternative treatment that uses dry sodium chloride to help relieve respiratory problems and skin problems. It is also thought to help improve one’s sense of well-being and boost immunity.

Our innovative salt fuzion pod offers 3 types of oxygenation and detoxification features which aren’t available anywhere else. Our salt pod features full spectrum chromotherapy lighting, with hot and cold temperature settings. Far infrared rays are a form of electromagnetic light energy from the sun and a form of oxygenation. Infrared heats from within and can help soften and dissolve fat to aid in weight loss

Regulating body water content
Promoting a healthy PH balance
Balancing blood sugar levels

Hydroelectric cell energy generation
Relieving muscle cramp
Supporting respiratory health
Promoting sinus health

Promoting sinus health
Preventing muscle cramps
Promoting vascular health
Regulating sleep

Your Himalayan Salt Pod Experience

Our Himalayan Salt Pod can accommodate one person at a time and is only available for 30 minute sessions, Clients may enjoy the Salt Pod all to themselves. A luxury cotton towel will be also provided during your salt pod session.

Visitors can choose hot and cold beverages from our range of special teas and herbal infusions, and chilled natural mineral water refills are available from our water dispenser. Explore our traditional medicines, natural cleaning products, Chinese herbs, essential oils, vitamins & supplements in store.

Himalayan Salt Pod Therapy Somers CT
Himalayan Salt Pod Therapy Somers CT
Himalayan Salt Pod Therapy Somers CT
Himalayan Salt Pod Therapy Somers CT

Why choose Abundant Wellness?

Abundant Wellness offer exclusive private sessions and health products designed to work in harmony with your body and achieve the best results.

Try our Theraphi plasma device, book in for some massage therapy or try our private Infrared Sauna for the full wellness experience and to help with a range of health issues. Contact our team for special offers, and for advice on any of our products or services.

Himalayan Salt Pod Somers Connecticut

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Himalayan Salt Pod Therapy at our Somers CT Center is available to book in 30 minute slots only

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